Airborne inspection

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Monitoring and Analysis

Airborne inspection of electricity infrastructure. Assessing the state of poles, lines, insulators, transformers and other equipment

Airborne digitising

Planning and route selection for overhead lines, land cables, wind&solar energy, forestry inspection etc.

GIS platforms and systems

Geographic Information Systems, DSM, DTM, Visualization, Geodesy, Data processing and classification

Technical Consultation

Defect analysis. Prioritising the needs for reconstruction and bringing out the riskiness classes.


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Focus, Ideology & Passion

We are a young and dynamic team passionate about bringing automated easy-to-use Airborne Inspection to the parts of the power lines where it has been too complex and cosftul.

The complex Airborne solution requires integration of aviation, data collection, GIS, Energy sector-specific technical analysis and user friendly platforms. Today the grid is observed daily by men on foot or high voltage grids can allow themselves high-cost complex manned helicopter analysis. In a smart grid area, the grid operators are observing the visual defects of their grids with more than 30 years old conventional methods.

Hepta Airborne has developed drones capable of replacing manned helicopters. Our drones can fly autonomously up to 600 km/6 hours in a single flight. For technical analysis we have developed data processing platforms.

  • Airborne surveillance

    Inspecting the objects on ground

  • Overhead lines

    Monitoring and localization of the grid. Technical analysis

  • Data processing and GIS

    Data processing and GIS related consultation of the captured data

  • Research and Development

    Developing the hardware and web platforms. Key is automation

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